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Jim Oppenheimer
Historic Racer, Collector and
Fun Police
Age: 58
Home: Chicago, Illinois
Business: Retired!!!
Favorite Place: Chicago South Side 
Most Fun Race: Daytona 2000
Greatest Race: Indy 500 win
Favorite Car: Porrsche 962
Favorite food: McBurgers
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Wind In The Willows Character: Mr. Rat
Favorite Person: 
See: Oppy's Collection
Jim  on the Victory Podium
after winning the FIA Makes Trophy
at the 2000 Daytona
Historic Sportscar Races

Starting from the back of the pack, 
Jim won the race on the last lap!

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In the Cockpit of his Porsche 962
Winner of FIA Makes Trophy
Dayton Historics 2000

Jim and his family

24 Hours of  Daytona 1998

Winning the 962 Race at Rennsport
2004 (that is Peter a close 2nd)
Daytona Podium
Stan Wattles (L and 3rd) and Peter Kitchak (R and 2nd) with Jim on the Podium at Rennsport 2004