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February 13 & 14, 1999

Event Reports - by Peter Kitchak


Mike Hoke's GT3S winning 3.4 liter Porsche 

On the grid: Bob Johnson's car (right) with Tom 
McGlynn's Shamrock RacingPorsche GT-3 on the 
left.  Johnson finished 7th overall and3d in class 
(GT-1) while McGlynn finished 8th overall 
and 4th in class (GT-2).

Porsche flags flutter in the Florida breeze

Peter's car in the paddock

Jim's car in the paddock

Toad Hall headquarters

SEBRING (2/13/99): We had practice and a "fun race" this afternoon (Saturday).  We did a 2:14.9 in the "fun race", 1.2 seconds faster than the 2nd fastest car.  The race was only 3 laps long and the big turbos are hard to beat when they get a jump at the start and down the long back straight. At any rate, my best prior to that was 2:17.2 so we're happy with the result. The car is hooked up and going great!  Check back for a full report of the event next week. All for now.


SEBRING (2/14/99):CONGRATULATIONS MIKE HOKE! Mike Hoke from Minneapolis took the GT3S class for his first win.  Mike qualified on the pole, lost the lead briefly during the race when he went wide and was passed in turn 1, but with a steady drive he caught and passed the leader with a few laps to go and although it was close he won handily. His 3.4 liter Porsche is prepared by Johnson Autosport. Mike will do his first pro race next month at the 12 Hours of Sebring when he will team with Bob Johnson of Johnson Autosport and Tom McGlynn in the Johnson Autosport Porsche GT-2.


SEBRING (FINAL REPORT):The overall weekend was a good one for us, the Toad Hall team and the Johnson Autosport Group. We won our class quite handily in the Toad Hall Porsche RSR, finishing 2d overall.

Unfortunately, Toad Hall driver, Jim Oppenheimer, was unable to race Sunday due to a business appointment. He left Sunday morning for a meeting in LA. He will be at the 12 Hour Pro Race with his Toad Hall Super Cup Porsche, however. His full team is yet to be determined.

Our crew chief, David Moore from Moorespeed in Austin Texas, together with Lee Kemper, did a great job getting us dialed in and the advance preparation from the Johnson Autosport group gave us a good car to start with.   At times I thought we could give Randy Alexander a good run, but his high horsepower GT1 Porsche was just too much. His speed down the straights was rather unbelievable.   After the race, Randy told me, when I asked about his horsepower, "Well, we have about 750 without the boost turned up."  And…he had the boost turned up during the race. Our 370 horsepower was hardly a match, but we stayed close, losing the race by about 6 seconds.

We were hooked up and my 2:14.9 in the practice race was 2.5 seconds better than my best previous time there with the same motor. So, we were happy with the results and learned a bit. Good job by the organizers.

Also note Steve Pfeffer's finish in a 3.4 Liter GT-3 Porsche. He was very quick and showed that his new full time occupation as a Bondurant driving instructor is paying dividends.  He was AWESOME.

Sebring Porsche Club of America Results Recap for "Red Group" Cars in GT1, GT2 and GT3R:
"The Guys from Minnesota did well."

Overall Class Cat Name Home Car Best Lap
1 1 GT1R Randy Alexander Madison, WI 92 Porsche Turbo 2:14.3
2 1 GT2R Peter Kitchak Excelsior, MN 73 Toad Hall RSR 2:15.4
3 2 GT2R Eric Bretzel Leawood KS 72 Porsche 2:16.3
4 3 GT2R Chris Wally Kansas City MO 96 Porsche RSR 2:17.7
5 2 GT1R Steve Beddor Chnhssn, MN 97 Ruf Turbo 2:17.8
6 1 GT3R Steve Pfeffer Scottsdale, AZ 73 Porsche 911 1:17.8
7 3 GT1R Bob Johnson Northfield, MN 97 Porsche Turbo 2:18.0
8 4 GT2R Tom McGlynn Orono, MN 76 Porsche 911 2:19.2
9 2 GT3R Walt Bohren Geneva, IL 93 Porsche 968 2:20.6
10 3 GT3R Michael Mount Silver Spring, MD 82 Porsche 944MD 2:20.8
DNS GT2R Jim Oppenheimer Chicago, IL Toad Hall Porsche Super Cup