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Atlanta American LeMans Series Race
April 18, 1999

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Saturday PM. April 17
Road Atlanta American LeMans Mans Series Race
From Peter Kitchak

The weather is dry and cold.  All day spent with 4 top layers. At least it isn't raining.

This has been a tough couple of days for the KONRAD MOTORSPORT Team.  I did get a few laps in.  Here's proof. A Radio LeMans Photo on their web page.We have been chasing an electrical gremlin all weekend and can't get the car to run well. Everyone seems to ask, "Do you know what it is?" My response is always the same, If we did, we would fix it. But, the guys are at the track still this evening  replacing everything.  And, we are not far off the pace.  Martin Snow is quick in GTS, the class that we are in, and we are fourth, less than a second behind. Of course, we are much slower than the Prototype cars, the most interesting of which is clearly the Panoz Roadster which debuted here on Thursday.  It is long and low and probably the first serious front engined prototype race car to be designed and built in the last 20 years. See the photos below. And, it is second fast.  See the Qualifying Results. Apparently it will leave for LeMans pre-qualifying immeadiately after the race.

Jim Oppenheimer is also struggling a bit since they are short handed on crew and apparently decided to switch tires (Dunlops to Pirellis) yesterday.  They are also trying some substantial changes in set up, going to substantially stiffer springs. Eric Johnson qualified the car today and did quite well. Jim has also invited Darren Law to drive with them in the race tomorrow.  Darren is a Bondurant Instructor and very quick.  He was in a competitor car and one of his team mates crashed the car today so he was available and Jim offered the ride. They should do quite well. Good Luck to them.

Jack Lewis will drive with Tom McGlynn and it is not clear to me whether or not Bob Johnson will drive the car with them.

So, we have our fingers crossed. We will have a short warm Sunday morning which I will drive. The race starts a 2PM Eastern time. It is on CNBC but I don't think TV starts until 3 Eastern time.  Check your listings.

Photos from the Grand Prix of Atlanta

Our car in Pit Lane with mechanics crawling all over it while 
Franz Konrad prepares to drive.

Jim Oppenheimer's Toad Hall Porsche RSR
Toad Logos everywhere, including the top

Tom McGlynn and Eric Johnson relax during a  practice session 

Jim Oppenheimer ready to drive during the Friday Practice 

Jim's car as the American Flag is lifted off just prior to the race.
Photo by Rick Dole

Jim Oppenheimer's Toad Hall Porsche followed by the Panoz Prototype and a new Lola.  Photo by Rick Dole

Panoz during qualifying

Porsche GT-1 - 1997 Version - Not really Competitive

Panoz - LMP Driver sits at the rear, just ahead of the wing 
Panoz LMP (LeMans Prototype) Very quick, and very different.