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Mosport SCCA World Challenge Race
Mosport Park
Toronto, Canada, May 22-23, 1999
Peter Kitchak to drive the Toad Hall Motor Racing Porsche RSR in GT Class

race reports
Toad Hall Press Release


May 23
The Race
Congratulations to Bobby Archer who won the World Challenge GT Race in his Dodge Viper.

Not a great weekend. We finished 12th, probably our worst finish all season, but in a short race it is tough when you start two laps behind. On the first fast lap the car started to smoke and I came into the pits with a lot, I mean A LOT of smoke coming out from behind the car and in the cockpit. Someone leaned in the car as I stopped at our pits to ask whether or not I could breathe. Yes I can, I said,  as the our chief mechanic David Moore dove under the car to figure out what the problem was. Well, it was a detached oil breather on the engine, and it breathed oil all over the car. They couldn't figure it out right away, but they soon did, reattached the fitting, tightened it and sent me on my way, 2 laps down. Unfortunately we were the same two laps down at the end and without the problem we would have been in the hunt, maybe even a podium.

The fitting was checked the day before and it was ok.  David suspects that it was, as he termed it, "Sabatoge". Another car had similar problems and actually caught some guys in the car late in the night before the race. Well, we are on to Lime Rock, Conneticut next weekend for the 2d race in the series. Hopefully we will have a better weekend there. Check out the photos section for a few good photos from the weekend.

This series requires a "spec tire"  which is a BF Goodrich (now owned by Michelin) G-Force radial, DOT (legal for the street) tire. It is stiff, hard and no where near the tire that we are used to running. It takes a long time to heat up and we struggled with it all weekend. And we know little more now about what it really takes to make it work than we did before the weekend started. But, that is the challenge of racing. Just figure it out boys.

This will be a terriffic series and it will only get better over time. Of the top 8 cars in the field, 7 were different makes, A Corvette, 2 Porsches, a Toyota, an Acura, A BMW (driven by Derek Bell) and a Mustang. The organizers were helpful and glad to have us there. The organization was excellent and the racing good. Take note, you Porsche Club racers.  If you really want to race, this is the place to go! See you at Lime Rock or Mid-Ohio.

You can see the race on Speedvision on June 7th.  See the TV Schedule.

May 21
Practice and Qualifying

Mosport is an amazing track. Originally a track at which formula 1 races were run, it is formidable. Nothing straight forward here. Every turn is complex. Downhill, off camber sweeper, followed by a turn at the end of a short straight that has a big bump at the turn in point so the car doesn't steer, then a complex sharp uphill right hander while under braking , followed by a very slow 120 degree turn leading on to the long straight. At the end of main straight there is a fast double apex turn followed by some tight esses onto the pit straight.  You get the picture.

We broke the gearbox in the first lap of the practice session and missed the entire thing so we had a scramble to put a different one for qualifying. It was too short and we ran out of revs on the back straight and then developed a miss in the motor. Our time of 1:35.1 put us 6th on the grid, behind Bobby Archer in the Viper which was fifth. Derek Bell, the famous Porsche Driver, was 7th in a BMW. Top five spots went to 5 different marques. Corvette fastest at a 1:32.4, followed by a Porsche, A Toyota and an Acura.

This is going to be a great series and Speedvision will do a great job with it. PR is great, track support is good and enthusiasm from all of the competitors is very high. We will be at the second race next weekend in Lime Rock Conneticut.

We have another practice today and the race tomorrow. I expect we will be in good shape for the race.  We do have a couple of extra seconds in the car.

Toad Hall Motor Racing, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, enters Mosport SCCA World Challenge GT Race May 23, 1999.

Peter Kitchak, Winner of the GT-2 Class at the 1998 24 Hours of Daytona and Winner of the 1997 World Challenge Race at the Minneapolis Grand Prix will drive the Mosport Race as a “tune up” for the 1999 24 hours of LeMans. LeMans will take place on June 12 and 13, 1999.

At Mosport, Kitchak will drive the # 3 Keewaydin Toad Hall Motor Racing Porsche RSR. “We expect to be competitive at Mosport,” Kitchak said, “but the series has improved greatly and the competition is much more formidable. With factory involvement from Corvette, Viper and Mustang it won’t be easy.”  Under the series rules, the Corvettes, Vipers and Mustangs all have motors significantly larger than the Porsche.

Kitchak was the Canadian American Ice Racing Champion (driving a Porsche on the frozen lakes of the US and Canada) in 1970 and the International Ice Racing Champion in 1973.  He did not drive any race cars between 1974 and 1992 when he started his road racing career.

The Keewaydin Toad Hall Porsche is a normally aspirated air-cooled 3.8 Liter Porsche RSR with 6 cylinders that makes approximately 340 horsepower, The car is prepared by Johnson Autosport of Northfield, MN.

David Moore of Moorespeed of Austin, Texas,  will be the team’s crew chief, manager and chief engineer for the Mosport Race. Moorespeed is a specialty race car engineering and preparation shop specializing in Porsche and other race cars. Other crew members are Lee Kemper and Mike Whitley, both of Austin, Texas.

Thus far in 1999 Kitchak finished 3d in the GTS class in the American LeMans Series at both the 12 hours of Sebring and the Atlanta Grand Prix. In February he won his class and was 2d overall in a Porsche Club of America Race at Sebring, Florida.

Kitchak is a resident of Excelsior, Minnesota. He is 57 Years old, married to Patricia, and the President of The Keewaydin Group, a real estate consulting firm headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

For more information contact Peter Kitchak, The Keewaydin Group, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, 612-341-4422.  During the Race Weekend contact Peter Kitchak 612-889-0910 (cell phone) or David Moore at 512-751-2996 (cell phone).