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Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey California
 The Crash that cost us the Championship - Revealed


We received these photos in the mail from a photographer that was at the track.

Note that Cooper in the Corvette, 2d in line is not pointed in the direction that he should be to make the turn.  Also note how far to driver's left he is, off the line and getting ready to push us off the track.

Click on the Images for enlarged unretouched photos.


If you look very carefully you can see that the front wheels on our car (the black Porsche) are not pointed exactly the same direction as the rear wheels. My front wheels are already turned slightly to the right attempting to correct for the push that has already started.  At a minimum Cooper's wheels should be turned to driver's left, but he is making no effort to avoid contact!!!

Cooper is now pointed into us, his wheels turned in the opposite direction of the left hand turn corner ahead, pushing hard on our rear quarter.  No smoke from the tires, no brakes on, no effort to avoid us by turning inside to the left,  just a good firm hard push on our left rear corner to make sure that we do not get through the turn.


Look at the white stripe on the right side of the picture, both in this picture and the one above.  We have traveled only about a car length, maybe two.  I have the front wheels close to full reverse lock as the rear end is being pushed sideways. The Corvette, with room to the inside (driver's left) has not turned into that slot, but is rather turned toward our car and he still has the gas on. No smoke from the tires or the brakes, no effort to stop or avoid the incident. As his crew chief said, "just a simple sacrifice pop fly."

This seems as clear evidence as one can get about the intentional hit. You be the judge.  What is even more interesting...Cooper's crew chief said he had a significant brake problem, and yet, as soon as the race resumed, and after he was penalized, he went from the back of the pack to 6th with "faulty brakes" that were not supposed to have enough power to smoke the tires.  Yup.

But then....there is always next year... To win the Championship... of course.