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Ready for 
World Challenge 2004
(can also be legal for Grand Am)

As good as new GT3 of any type

New Factory GT3R tub
3R wing and complete 3R body work available
Seperate  World Challenge leal Wing
Better that a new factory GT3R!!
Fuel Safe Fuel Cell (original GT3R location)
ABS removed but available
ERP fully adjustable suspension - all corners
Ohlin Shocks
6 Piston Alcon Calipers in front
2 Motors - 445 HP and 395 HP
Motronic engine management
Motec Data Acquisition  and Engine Management available
Spare gear box...spare gears
12 Wheels
Many. Many, Many Spares (complete suspension)
Would cost $300,000 plus to duplicate
Price $120,000 with best motor with a few spares
Price $145,000 for everyting including spare motor, spare gear box and extra tub

Call Peter Kitchak
612-889-0910 (cell) for details

or e-mail

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GT3 World Challenge Trim - The fastest car available for World Challenge today